Our Residential Gutter Cleaning Pricing


We base our residential gutter cleaning pricing on the square footage of the home. We usually charge 10 cents per square foot, as long as there are no gutter guards over the gutters. If there are gutter guards, we need to come out and take a look at the gutters to determine a firm price to remove the gutter guards, clean the gutters, and reinstall the gutter guards.  So, if your home was 2,600 square feet with no gutter guards, and we could do the work from the roof, our price would be $260.  Our minimum price for a Residential Gutter Cleaning is $199.

Sometimes there are other factors which will affect the price of a residential gutter cleaning job.  If we need to use a 32 foot ladder, have more than one man on the job, use ladders exclusively instead of working from the roof, or if the job is particularly dangerous, we will increase the price of the job.  We would be happy to come out, take a look at the job, and give you a firm price. Just call us at 916-844-6041.