Hard Water Removal Pricing

Hard water can create mineral deposits on your glass that look unsightly and will mar your beautiful view. We have a few different products we use to remove these unsightly deposits. Before we commit to the job, we will use our different products on one of your windows to see how much of an improvement we can make.  Then, you can let us know if you would like us to proceed with the job. Although removing hard water deposits is not inexpensive, it is much less expensive than replacing your windows!

We can’t give an exact price for removing mineral deposits on this page. However, we can let you know that we start at around $30 per pane of glass.  If the glass is on the second story, we charge more.  If the deposits are very difficult to remove, we charge more.  Also, if it is a large pane of glass, like a sliding glass door pane size or larger, we increase the price.  Although this description is not able to give you an exact price for your mineral deposit removal, we hope that it is helpful as a ballpark estimate.

In order to give you a firm price, we will need to come out, and test our products on a corner of one of your windows. After going through this process, we can give you a firm price for the job.