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Providing Sacramento window cleaning and gutter cleaning services since 1999

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Window Cleaning Services Sacramento, CA

At Masters Window Cleaning, we specialize in both residential window cleaning and commercial window cleaning services. We work on everything from residential homes (both small and large), to small businesses and larger commercial buildings.

In addition to our window cleaning services, we also provide professional rain gutter cleaning services as well as low and high pressure washing services for homes, decks, driveways, patios and more.

Why use Master's Window Cleaning over other similar companies? Our customers will tell you it's the quality of work we provide and our outstanding work ethic. We believe it's our personable customer service, our vast level of experience (we've cleaned over 400,000 windows), and our 100% iron-clad guarantee. It's extremely important to us that you're completely satisfied with the work we do and that's why we offer you this 100% Guarantee: "If you're not fully satisfied with any one of our services, we will go back and redo anything you're not satisfied with - Guaranteed!"

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Master's Window Cleaning Services

We provide 3 different levels of service:

Window Cleaning Services Basic Deluxe Premium
Your prices
Detailed Cleaning of Interior & Exterior Windows X X X
Screens Brushed Off X X X
100% Satisfaction Guarantee X X X
Screens Scrubbed With Soap & Water X X
Window Tracks Wiped Out X X
Tracks Vacuumed and Wiped Out X
Frames Wiped Down X
7 Day Rain Guarantee X
Up To 5 Mirrors Cleaned FREE X

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  • Window Cleaning: On exterior windows, we either use a water-fed pole that uses pure water to scrub and rinse, leaving your windows crystal clear and spot free, or we use the traditional scrubber and squeegee method. We love transforming dirty windows into beautiful windows that sparkle and gleam! The results will amaze you!

  • Window Track Cleaning: When we are done cleaning your windows, if you purchased the Deluxe Package, we will wipe out your window tracks to provide a deeper clean and a more pleasant appearance. If you purchased the Supreme Package, we will vacuum the tracks before we clean the windows and then wipe them out later for the best possible appearance.

  • Window Screen Cleaning: We offer 2 levels of screen cleaning:
    1. Basic Screen Cleaning: for those that purchase our Basic package, we take the screens off the windows, and dry brush them to remove residual dust and pollen from the screens.
    2. Deep Screen Cleaning: for those that purchase our Deluxe and Supreme packages, we take the screens off the windows, brush them with a special bio-degradable detergent and water on both sides with a brush, and then rinse or dry them off. Our deep screen cleaning will amaze you with how well the screens look!

  • Hard Water Removal from Windows: We can remove most hard water stains with our professional cleaners. The longer the hard water stains have been on your windows, the more difficult it is to remove them. If you would like us to remove hard water from your windows, we can treat one pane of glass with chemical, and if you are happy with the results, we will go ahead and treat the rest.

  • New Construction Window Cleaning: We also do New Construction window cleaning. When we do so, we clean the glass, not the sills or tracks, and use a razor. We will need a waiver signed to do the work.

Other options include skylight and solar panel cleaning, hard water removal, and new construction window cleaning. Click on the box below to get your free quote, or call 916-844-6041 to speak to a friendly Master's representative.

Rain Gutter Cleaning Services

During the Fall and rainy seasons, we provide rain gutter services. Options include: Cleaning debris off your roof, cleaning rain gutters and downspouts, installing gutter covers and more. For more information, click here: rain gutter cleaning service.

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Pressure Washing Services

We provide low and high pressure wash services as an additional benefit to our prized customers. Pressure washing your house is the next best thing to repainting it and can help bring out the natural colors of your home. We now offer pressure washing for houses, decks, deck furniture, patios, driveways, garage doors, and much more! For more information, click here: pressure washing service.

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Other Services

Blind and Shutter Dusting: No one likes to take the time to remove the dust that has accumulated on their blinds and shutters. We are happy to perform this arduous task for you. Sparkling clean windows look amazing when framed with clean blinds or shutters!

Ceiling Fan Dusting: With our ladders, we can reach those high ceiling fans and cobwebs that most homeowners are unable to get to, and we are happy to dust them for you while we are in your home!

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Customer Testimonies...

Masters Window Cleaning sets the bar for quality in service. They are also a delight to deal with because of their polite, respectful way of relating to customers. And all their ethics and business practices are top notch too. I would highly recommend Brian and his team for any window cleaning project. And don't forget their specialty services either. They are absolutely masters at their craft.

Nathanial C., Sonora  

Brian did a great job cleaning the gutters. He originally thought the job would take 3 hours, but stayed 7 hours to finish the job including filling 20 bags full of leaves and hauling them out to the street.

Mark G., West Sacramento  

Brian and his partner were the best. I have used several window cleaners over the years and I will make sure that stops as I plan on keeping Master's. They are the best!

Vince L., Folsom  

Master's Window Cleaning did a terrific job clearing all of our gutters and downspouts. I really appreciated the fact that they cleaned up the sidewalks and lawn where the debris from the gutters had fallen. I will definitely use their services again and will be contacting them to clean our windows next. Thanks again!

Valerie S., Sacramento  

Great quality and customer service! The windows are sparkling clean, and we couldn't be more pleased. We highly recommend Master's Window Cleaning and will be calling
them again!

Kelly W., Carmichael  

...For more customer testimonies, click here!

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